Love this emergency Clinic. Dr. Montgomery saw my dog and we loved her as well as the staff! They’re just wonderful! 5 star experience. They saved my Frieda’s life. Thank You EPC Staff! 

– Kayley L., Facebook

The staff here is great. I have been here three times with my lab and have always been treated kindly and with compassion. They gave me a blanket and pillow to sleep next to my boy while we waited for tests in the middle of the night. Dr. Heather Joseph is a sweetheart and a true professional. Pet emergencies are stressful, she made it easier to deal with. I hope I don’t have to see them often but I don’t hesitate to call knowing my fur child is going to be well taken care of!

– Effrain A., Facebook

Everyone here is so sweet and caring. Best service Ive ever received from a vets office. I highly recommend.

– Sydni N., Google

We recently lost our ten-year old cat, Toby. It was a stressful day and we had not expected to find out he had a blood clot and the outcome was not good. The staff was very compassionate and seemed almost as upset as we were. Would recommend in an emergency – we have a regular clinic we go to, but they couldn’t see our cat that day.

– Kim S., Facebook

Extremely knowledgable, professional and genuinely caring Doctors & staff here! My 8 yr. old terrier mix suffered a seizure/Syncope episode suddenly, late one weeknight. She had never had any type of seizures before, that we are aware of. The veterinarian on duty was EXCELLENT, reassuring and had all necessary emergency equipment (radiology scanners, etc….very high-tech) on-site. ‘SADIE’ is doing great now! She has had no additional synocope episodes.

– JC T., Google

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone! We had a difficult decision to make. They were very compassionate and patient with us. Thanks for all the help giving us options on what we could do for our beloved Skye. She didn’t suffer. I’ll be forever grateful.

– Yvette H., Facebook

The entire staff was amazing with my scared little dog. The vet was very understanding and explained everything. The tech was very sweet and calm with her, even when she was hiding under the chairs and refused to come out. The visit was slightly more expensive than my regular vet (by about $20) but it’s an emergency vet, that’s understandable. I would definitely take both of my babies back here if they ever need it, and I would recommend them to others!

– Manda P., Google

Thank you so much for the compassion and understanding of the staff and vet services that my Midnight received. I was so distraught that night. I knew Midnight was not going to survive. The vet and staff did not lead me astray. The sympathy card with Midnight’s paw print was beautiful. Thank you so much for your kindness.

– Margaret H., Facebook