Meet Our Team

Dr. Marica Montgomery
Senior Veterinarian, Emergency Department

Dr. Montgomery has been a veterinarian with Emergency Pet Clinic since 2014. She was born and raised in San Antonio, TX but went to college and vet school in Tuskegee, AL. After traveling to the AZ and MD for internships in ECC, she moved back home to Texas to be closer to family. Dr. Montgomery began working within the veterinary industry because she has a love for medicine and a strong connection to the animals I have had in my life. She said her favorite thing about working with animals is “watching them recover from injury or illness and knowing that I played a part in their healing.”

In addition to emergency medicine, Dr. Montgomery has a strong interest in rehabilitation and pain management. After having her own dog struggle with progressive neurologic disease and severe arthritis and watching her quality of life decline, she searched for a way to make her life better. Her dog didn’t respond to the standard pain management. Rehabilitation and directed pain management gave her back her life. Dr. Montgomery wants to give other families and patients the best chance at a good quality of life.

She spends much of her time with her mother and sister. They have one lovable Rottie named Bree and three kitties named Beaux and the twins, Thing One and Thing Two also known as Kanga and Roo. Dr. Montgomery is passionate about her faith, family, and volunteerism – “God has blessed me greatly in this life and I like to pass that on to the community around me.”